Fee Payment & Refunds

KINDERGARTEN DEPOSIT is non-refundable should you choose not to take up your child’s Kindergarten placement for any reason. It will be used as your final month’s fees, or is refundable with due notice should you choose to withdraw your child before the end of K2 (see below).

KINDERGARTEN FEES are invoiced and payable monthly, one month in advance or as stated on your invoice. The first fee payment of the school year must be paid in June, before summer break to secure your child’s place.

Fees are paid monthly, ten times a year. The monthly fee for Kindergarten remains the same regardless of public holidays, mid term breaks or any sick or holiday absences your child may have during the term.

If you wish to withdraw your child from Kindergarten, one month’s notice before the child’s last day of attendance needs to be given in writing for any refund of fees or deposit to be considered. If this notice extends into another calendar month, full fees are payable for both months, as we do not pro-rata Kindergarten fees. The deposit that you paid when joining Kindergarten will be used to offset the last month’s fees. Note that cancellations during the summer holiday period will result in the deposit and first fee installment being forfeited. Once written notice of withdrawal has been made, your child’s place will be offered to the next child on the waiting list.

For new children who have paid a deposit to start in the new autumn term, the last day of notice for withdrawal from the offered placement will be the stated deadline date on the invoice for first fee payment. This will be one week before the end of the current school year. Nonpayment of first installment of fees by this date will be taken as a withdrawal and your child’s place will be offered to the next child on the waiting list. Your deposit will not be refunded.

If you choose not to send your child to Leapfrog after first fee payment is made, or notice of withdrawal is given after this date, no refund of fees or deposit will be given.

PLAYGROUP FEES (Super 2s, Hoppers, Tadpoles and Afternoon Playgroup, Mandarin Class and Little Explorers) are invoiced termly, based on a per session fee.

If you join mid-term you will only be charged only for the remaining sessions in the term in which your child enrols. You are not charged for public holidays or mid-term breaks. No refunds  or make-up classes are offered for any sickness, holiday, severe weather or other government directed closures or other absences during the term. Playgroup fees must be paid in full and in advance as stated on your invoice in order to secure your placement.

If you wish to withdraw your child from Playgroup, one month’s notice before the child’s last day of attendance must be given in writing. Any fees paid over and above the completion of the one month notice period may be eligible for refund.

No refund will be given for any swapping of sessions once original invoice has been paid.

Non-Payment of Fees

Leapfrog Kindergarten is a non-profit school. Session fees are critical to the provision of our services to you. Therefore, all fees are invoiced and to be paid in advance.

Should there be an issue with fee payment, please contact our administrator immediately to discuss your options.

Should non-payment occur, you will be contacted once via email and phone to confirm when the payment will be made. If fees are not paid within that timeframe and/or after one month’s nonpayment, your child will no longer be eligible to attend Leapfrog and your (Kindergarten) deposit will be forfeited. Your Playgroup place may be offered to another child. Written notice of these outcomes will be emailed to you.

If there is a situation of persistent non-payment, then your child will be unable to attend Leapfrog without a full term’s Kindergarten fees or playgroup fees being paid in advance. Persistent non-payment is considered to be two or more instances of the no-fee payment as detailed above.

Methods of Payment

Fees can be paid at Leapfrog in the following ways;


  1. Bank deposit to the account as per details on the invoice. A copy of the receipt or transaction verification must be provided to the administrator by email (admin@leapfrogkindergarten.org).
  2. Cheque made payable to ‘Leapfrog Kindergarten Limited’ with details of your child’s name and invoice number on the back
  3. Cash