Severe Weather Procedure

Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings


If either of these warnings are in force:


BEFORE 8am No morning sessions –KG or Playgroup
Morning children should stay at home
DURING the am session (before 10am) Morning sessions will continue as usual.
Children to return home when it is safe to do so
Between 10.30am – 1.00pm No afternoon sessions – KG or Playgroup
Afternoon children should stay at home.
After 1.00pm Afternoon sessions will continue as normal.
Children to return home when it is safe to do so.

Tropical Cyclone (Typhoon) Warnings

The following arrangements will apply:


SITUATION BEFORE school starts DURING the school day
Hoisting of No. 3 Signal or higher All Kindergartens will close All children will be sent home, providing it is safe to do so.
Lowering of signal to No. 1 or when all signals are cancelled Sessions will resume as normal Before 1.00pm – afternoon sessions will resume