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Address: 11 Pak Tam Chung Village, Sai Kung Country Park, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong
Postal address: PO Box 121, Sai Kung Post Office, New Territories, HK
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Tel: 2791-1540
Classroom mobile phone: 9765 7486


Public Transport

Minibuses numbers 7 and 9, and double-decker bus number 94, go from Sai Kung town bus stations all the way to Leapfrog. Make sure you stay on the bus all the way into the Country Park and through the barrier. Get off at the first bus stop after the barrier. This drops you just past Pak Tam Chung Village, which is directly opposite the bus stop on the other side of the road. Go into Pak Tam Chung village itself, up the path and there we are.

If you are coming from Shatin or Ma On Shan, you need to take bus numbers 99 or 299. Get off at the Mak Pin roundabout (at the end of Sai Sha Road just before the bus turns right to go into Sai Kung). Cross over to the opposite side of the road and wait for minibus number 7 or 9, or double decker bus number 94 coming from Sai Kung (then follow instructions above).

If you take a taxi, make sure to tell the driver to go to Pak Tam Chung Village, just inside Sai Kung Country Park. If you also mention ‘the school’ they will most likely know where we are.

Driving a private car

Driving a private vehicle into the Country Park is not permitted unless you have an authorised permit. Leapfrog is given a limited number of such permits to distribute to parents and these are mostly given to Kindergarten parents who are dropping off and picking up their children on a regular basis.

From Sai Kung or the Mak Pin Roundabout (if you are coming from Shatin or Ma On Shan), drive along Tai Mong Tsai Road all the way to the Country Park. If you don’t have a permit, please park in the public car park just in front on the park entrance and enjoy the very short walk to Leapfrog.

Once you are inside the Country Park gate, you are very close. Just drive/walk approximately 100m and there we are on the left in Pak Tam Chung Village, opposite a bus stop on the other side of the road. There is a sign saying ‘Leapfrog Kindergarten’.